Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing employs the use of crystals on the body for added energies and frequencies within energy healing sessions. Diana has worked with crystals for many years, and as a reiki master/teacher, she utilizes the intense healing energies of stones, and crystals into her sessions. Each energy center i.e. (chakra) within the body can benefit greatly through healing and balancing. The use of crystals helps to aid in this process quickly! Bringing the client back into alignment for more peace, and a greater balance within the mind, body, and spirit!

Crystal & Angel Readings

Crystal & Angel Readings with Diana! Diana has a very strong connection to the angels, and crystals. Calling in the guidance, messages, and support of the angels, she also tunes into the energy of crystals to deliver unique, and one of a kind readings! Receiving messages from spirit, and through the consciousness of the crystals, Diana offers insights, and assistance to all aspects of love, life, and can assist you in finding a balance! Allow the angels and energies to guide you well into the life you have always dreamed of!

Reiki healing & Integrated Energy Therapy

Diana is a Reiki Master/Teacher, and a certified Integrated Energy Therapist! Offering beautiful and relaxing energy healing sessions to all those in need of peace! She works deeply in the energies of the angels, placing crystals on the body, and laying hands on healing to the areas needing balance! She calls in the assistance of the great Spirit, also implementing sound vibration through drumming, singing bowls, and gongs. Each session is unique, and each person receives exactly what is needed for their highest good!