Amethyst My First True Love

Amethyst My First Love

I have been fascinated with crystals since my early childhood. When our family went to the beach, upon our return our car would be packed to the gills with rocks I found. I am blessed to have the opportunity to follow my bliss and make my passion into my business.

Amethyst was my first love.

When I was a young child i visited Colorado and there is where I met my first Amethyst . A small cluster of beautiful sparkling purple crystals which called out so deeply I had to have it. It came home with me and from that moment on I never stopped collecting. I have always been amazed all the events that had to occur in order for the crystal to be created. The time, pressure and perfect conditions and trace elements needed to make this wonder of nature.

It was the color which first attracted me to this magical stone. The shades from purple to violet. The crystal certainly has aesthetic values but it is much much more.

Amethyst is a fiercely protective stone. It will lift the mood of the room and will give a sense of peace.There are so many books for reference out there. These books will tell you the properties, healing qualities and how to use the stones. The greatest reference and resource is your innate abilities and intuition. We all have these gifts. No one in the world should tell you otherwise. Let the crystal tell you how to use it.

Choosing a stone is a personal proposition.You must feel,connect and often the stone chooses us. Crystals will find it's way to their rightful owner often by a gift or the "must have" you see in a shop.

It does not need to be the most expensive or beautiful. The energy, vibration and tactile experience is your best measure if it is right for you. Everything is energy. To me crystals are solidified divine energy to enhance, protect and be valued.

Amethyst is the stone of sobriety and over-coming addictions. An addiction can be as blatant as a substance which is abused or something as simple as your thought process. The "rocking horse effect" is when we get on a thought and we just can not let it go. The idea keeps you up at night, and the replaying of the misdeed over and over. Your truth you didn't speak or the unkind word. It may not be good for you but like other addictions it is familiar. These oh so familiar thoughts will bring on sleepless nights,stress and health problems. Keeping the" rocking horse" at bay can help reduce your anxiety.

Meditating with Amethyst or even just keeping a crystal on your bedside table can help change the energy. I find just keeping a stone in my pocket is enough to calm my mind. Holding a sacred crystal in meditation is a divine way to make a connection to your authentic self.

Amethyst is a stone of connecting to one's intuition , source and the divine spark. Its color represents spirituality and your crown chakra. These connections will become stronger the more one works with the Amethyst along with other crystals.

Amethyst is a fiercely protective stone as well. You can set up a grid of Amethyst in your home, under your bed or even at your desk at work. It does not need to be large or elaborate.The intent is the most important ingredient. This beautiful purple/violet stone was once the stone of royalty. Now it is available to all of us.

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