Managing the Energy Vampire (Black Tourmaline)

Managing the Energy Vampire

Black Tourmaline

I have been using Black Tourmaline as a protection crystal for as long as I remember. Black Tourmaline can assist in neutralizing energy headed your way. I always keep it on me, often on my left side, as a bracelet or a piece in my left pocket. Sometimes, we pick up energy in our environment which can bring on anxiety, grief and other emotions. Black Tourmaline is a powerhouse stone of protection and I recommend everyone to carry it.

Energy is a funny thing. Often a person can be bombarded with negative energy by your daily activities. Without realizing it you pick it up from the strangers you interact with: from the dreaded trip to the supermarket or mall, from the angry driver who flipped you off when you were coming home from work, never mind a toxic family member or the friend that can drain you dry. People are subconsciously spreading their form of sunshine where ever they go. Energy is everywhere. It cannot be created or destroyed but it can be changed and transmuted.

The purpose of this blog is to touch on the subject of the Energy Vampire.

99% of Energy Vampires have no idea they are affecting other people.

However, there is that 1%. The intentional Energy Vampire who will go person to person trying to suck them dry . This 1% is a pain in the ass. This minority is versed in energy; they know how to mimic vibration, manipulate energy and attach themselves so they can feed off of it.

This blog is geared for the energy worker, reader and metaphysician, the like-minded people within our circle. Always make sure that you clear yourself, space and energy of everyone when you are done your day. Close sacred space…smudge.. All of this is very important.

Who would make the best Energy Vampire? Who would be their ideal targets? The source of their supply? The answer to both would be the same: a light-worker or energy worker.

There is a Trust when you enter a healing, share, or spirit circle; a safe place to open up and share our experiences is created. There is also an unwritten energy contract of Safety, Trust, and Respect with our Community. A trust that that pesky 1% does not honor. Being vigilant in severing connections when you are finished doing Spirit work . This is so very important, because you do not want to take home hitchhikers. Unfortunately, those pesky 1%-ers are adept at hitching ride.

In all walks of life, all professions, there are good loving and caring people. And then the ones who spread discord. For reasons unknown live in a place of jealousy and fear.

Light-workers are an abundant source of Energy supply for an energy siphon.

An Energy Vampire can disguise themselves by wearing different masks; a different mask for whatever setting they are in. Through practice, they can adapt to their surroundings and the people in them very well. They are adept at being the mimic of energy and vibration. They will “circle hop”, going from center to center looking for new targets. And they have learned to never stay in one place long enough for someone to catch on. They are also very adept at blending in and not being remarkable.

An Energy Vampire’s favorite spot to attach is the Solar Plexus. It is important to protect your solar plexus. Citrine is an excellent crystal for this; it will help boost your energy. Also, keep your circle happy and resonating on a higher vibration. Be sure to faithfully smudge, disconnect and cleanse your sacred space. As healers, we can send light, healing and be a channel for good. The same goes for the opposite end of the spectrum; They may try to use their energy against you.

Sometimes, that pesky 1% who happens to be an Energy Vampire will step up their game and go on a psychic attack. Black Obsidian is a very helpful crystal to use when dealing with incoming energy.

If you are the unfortunate soul this lands upon, my suggestion would be to ask for help. Assistance from a qualified shamanic practitioner is what is needed.

This blog is based on my experiences and I hope by sharing, it will help someone going thru a similar situation.

So remember: Faithfully, smudge, clear your energy field. Continue on the path of Love and Healing. You are needed. Sometimes our light is like a beacon a lighthouse. The light in darkness, everything is drawn to it.

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